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Swaidan engineering and consultancy provides systems integration and services to federal and local government, private institutes and companies.

We provide an unparalleled level of support to large, complex projects, using the most advanced and recent technologies in GIS and IT solutions.

The G.I.S. helps in integrating projects beginning with a paper map, to the with an advanced programming user and experts interfaces. This helps to acquiring, loading, manipulating and sharing the spatial or relational data in easy, accurate, friendly and completed ways.


Having not ignored the the advanced techniques used in database for GIS application or digitaising project, GIS enables the achievement of a such complete system that offers the needs within the required accuracy. 

Swaidan Company possess substancial experiences in this field through a team of expertise in GIS, civil engineers, image processers and data base adminstators. 


Municipal Management:



This project handles all data within municipalities. It processes these data through digitizing paper maps and organizational charts. The digital version depicts the topographic features of the region. It also allow adding layers of premises, buildings and infrastructures with the possibility of inquiring descriptive or spatial information about them (e.g., finding premises with a certain organizational chart, finding all routes between two locations), detecting violations, storing information, facilitating documents finding and tax calculations, printing required reports(a statement of required fees from parts within a property, report of contents of these parts in the property).

The project establishes a uniform standard for municipalities and enforce common models of data and integrated knowledge within all municipalities to facilitate any future interaction between them to achieve a common benefit.


Real Estate Management:



This project consist of digital map and a central database. The map contains a real estate layer and some other layers; and the central database contains a complete description of these real-estates (owners, shares, area, neighbouring properties, physical condition, equipment, legal status, investments, roof rights, insurances...). The project also offers the ability to modify and enter the conditioning parameters for the existing real estate or the new ones. Generally speaking, this project automates the work of the real estate judge and provides several advantages that simplify and speed up his work depending on geographic information systems in searching, inquiring and organizational charts.


Transportation Managment:



The system processes complete data about all roads in a particular area.

This information is classified as:

- Static information, namely (length, width, extension, order, designed speed, road area...

- Variable information includes:

          -Accidents: (Place, date, human and financial damages);

          -Conditions: (physical conditions of the road, holes, technical condition);

          -Maintenance: (Place, cost, duration, starting date, the length in need of


          -Contracts: (Executing company, duration, date, cost);

          -Data extraction: (Accidents in a certain place, accidents between two dates,    

            maintenance time between two maintenance operations, road condition in

            a certain date, contracts at a certain time).


Regional Planning:




This project handles an enormous amount of data for regions in terms of statistics and population growth, environment, tourism, energy resources, topography, social studies, infrastructure, human resources, industry, and commercial centers. It also support classifying and enquiring this information such as: population density, industrial density and best centers for industry, trade and communities.


Organizational and Touristic Projects:




Reviving the touristic aspect via the possibility to locate the touristic sites within the map and link them with their descriptive information. In addition to the ability of viewing a range of real pictures which are associated with the region in order to promote tourism and attracts the largest number of tourists to it.

Assisting municipalities in solving problems that face the development processes and the economic advancement.

System Map: real estate layer, existing land pieces layer, building layer, touristic sites layer, polluted areas layer.


Environmental Projects:



Study the environmental status by offering the ability to locate polluted areas on the map and linking them to a set of actual pictures and descriptive information that reflect the status of pollution.