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Surveying Eng.

 Preliminary works:

Preliminary works include creating 3D network of points tied with the geodetic network at a first or second order accuracy level by using GPS.

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Field Works:

Based on the aforementioned points, the topographic setting out is undertaken using GPS or Total Station techniques as required and this includes:

1-      Contour lines

2-      Digital Terrain Model  (DTM), Digital Elevation Model (DEM)

3-      Setting out all geographic features on the earth such as roads, buildings, electricity lines, sewage

          and etc ..

الأعمال الحقلية

Office works:


  • Data entry within the GIS and AutoCAD environments within layers and as required;
  •  Using GeoDatabase to include information related to each feature within GIS environment;
  • Showing border of a particular property includes:

1-Showing premises’ border

2-Eliminating any dispute between neighbouring premises