• urbanism

Urban Design


Urban planning aims to determine appropriate places for each type of land use such as:


- Residential areas, villas, medium buildings, towers


- Commercial zones


- Recreational zones


- Industrial Zones


-  Zones for projects with special natures



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Finding suitable lands for each of the previous items requires a deep knowledge of the specifications of the land. This is achieved through the use of high technologies such as GPS and GIS, aerial photography and satellite imagery as well as a special drilling to identify stratifications of earth.


A group of conditions are defined for each item related to the soil type, existed roads, gradient, gradient direction and the location with respect to forests, lakes or any natural features or gardens.


These conditions are defined by specialists. GIS software is used to integrate all information and layers, then the spatial analysis tools are used to find areas that meet the conditions. Then, a field visit should be made to verify logics of the solution.

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