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Medyar Project - Urban Design Editing For A Large Lot-Part of Al Delhamiyi Area-Dibbiyi Real estate(Area 3,529,502 m2)

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-The project has been designed and the natural places has been analyzed and monitored to discover all its properties, using the latest technologies and equipments.


Main Road path (main artery) of the project was specified which runs through the entire area between project's entrance and exit in the direction of AlDibbiyi town, so that the roads network with all its internal and external loops is completed with its ramifications and its secondary roads and other subsidiary.

The whole picture will not be completed except with the relationship that the roads network spun with the urban areas(particulary residential) located in a great form between the tender green spaces surrounding all its five residential areas from all sides.


Orchestrating an unprecedented similar parcelling project, this project has been allocated by 40% of green areas and roads, not to mention also the green bar areas along the wide roads, so that greenery become the main feature of the project and one of the most important regulatory advantages; From here was its proposed name "Green Hills".

مخطط الضو و الفرز

With the completion of the general guiding design, project's parcelling schemes was launched approaching the guiding design parameters, coherent and harmonious with the natural environment, presenting a number of lots ready for construction investment basing on precise technical specifications.

As the Environment protection law no. 444\2002 was enacted in year 2000 which said to prepare the environmental impact study E.I.S. for each development & investment project that will have some effects on the environment which embrace it from everywhere, this aspect must be studied by an office of special studies which is approved by the ministry of environment.


One of the recommendations of the E.I.S. was to not to develop residential areas between the high-voltage lines in that region,and it was been taken into consideration in the parcelling draft. 


Within the framework of the completion of the region's natural features, winter water lanes, the avarage of the sun exposure on each zoning lots, lots tendency, and the lots altitude, were identified for the whole project using the Geographic Information System G.I.S. where it was taken in account in the general guiding design and therefore in the parcelling of all types of lots.


 A beautiful contours of design guideline was born from the organizational structure, which in turn classified areas and select land use, between residential, mixed residential and commercial, along with the sprawling greenery with its all uses, in addition of customization of some locations to attract educational, cultural, recreational, hospitalization and administrative...

Medyar Project - Urban Design Editing For A Large Lot-Part of Al Delhamiyi Area-Dibbiyi Real estate(Area 3,529,502 m2)

-Wide-area aside from Al Delhamiyi real estate, extending from the coastal area along the south highway to the upper highlands bordering the Damour area real estate and the other side along Dibbiyi town.

-The total area of the 69 Lots that compose the wide main lot is 3.529.502 m2.