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July 21, 2003

A seminar about "Geographic Information System G.I.S. and Global positioning System G.P.S. applications in the service of the municipalities" was hosted in HANAWAI region at Kaza of Tyr to develop municipal work towards organisational work and to convert it via the adoption of mechanization and owning guidelines and administrative schemas, effective institutions with technological development with a view to improving performance and raising production, In order to make the municipal work pursuant to institutionally based comprehensive civil development aimed to serve the people, within specific ranges away from political direction to this town or that.

"The need to create municipalities in towns which still suffers from the absence of it In order to fill the developmental disorder lacking in the country" was called to be taken in consideration, hoping "to triumph in our will to eliminate all forms of deprivation and neglect all wrong policies and bypass obstacles and challenges no matter how diversified."

Then the Director-General of the departments and local councils Khalil Al Hajal declared the introduction of geographic information system and global positioning system in the municipalities, appreciating municipal efforts and sponsorship of this project that was performed by engineer Hassan Swaidan wish accomplished this important system in the era of globalization and information technology in which we live, this system was considered to be a real identity card are shown by all information relating to a particular property and we can so easily obtain this information in a simple and immediate way to perform fast citizens service and without complicated and bureaucratic control for people and wasted time and money and delay progress. Then engineer hassan swaidan made a seminar about G.P.S. and Doctor engineer Iyad abbas made another one concerning G.I.S.