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 The company steams its value from its permanent administrative and technical staff who are specialized in various engineering disciplines. In addition, it is possible, when needed, to support the company  with the required expertises to fulfill high standard and perfection works.


-The following are the names and terms of reference of the advisory, administrative and technical  support team within the company: 

Company's Advisors

Urban Planning Advisor

الدكتور سعد خالد

Professor Doctor Engineer Saad Khaled

Doctorate of State in Urbanism from university of Paris 4, D.E.A from university of paris Val de Marne, Masters in Urbanism from university of paris 8, 3rd cycle in Architecture from Ecole national superieur des beaux arts - Paris And B.S. of Architecture with excellent graduation grade from Beirut Arab University in Lebanon.

P. M. & Infrastructure Advisor

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Doctor Engineer Waleed Shatila

Ph.D. degree in Civil Engineering Structures from University of Surrey in UK, Masters Degree in Structural Engineering from University of Lowell in USA, B.S. in Civil Engineering from Northeastern University in USA, Dual Degree Program from Beirut University College.  

G.I.S. Systems Advisor

Dr. Iyad Abbas

Doctor Engineer Iyad Abbas

PHD in GIS from Paris VII University,DEA in Civil Engineering from Nante University and Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering from Damascus University.

Architectural Studies Advisor

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Doctor Engineer Hussein El-Hajj

PHD in urban Design from Doctoral School of literature and social sciences-Fine arts Department - Lebanon.

Infographics diploma - Ecole d'architecture, Paris Val de Seine - France.

Administrative and Organizational Staff

The Directors Council


Engineer Hassan Swaidan

Mrs. Azza Farhat


Bachelor Degree in Surveying Engineering.

General Manager


Mr. Iyad Maatouk

Company's lawyer


Lawyer Hasan Abou Khalil

Chartered Accounting


Accountant Shawki Abu Khalil

Company's Accountant


Accountant Hussein Mannaa

Diploma in Finance and Banking and Customs.

IT Manager


Engineer Hicham Jaber

Bachelor Degree in Computer & Communications Engineering.

Technical Staff

Structural & Surveying Engineer


Engineer Samer Hassan

Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering(Topography section).

Surveying Engineer


Engineer Ahmad younis

Bachelor Degree in Surveying Engineering.

Surveying Engineer


Engineer Ali Kaafarani

Bachelor Degree in Surveying Engineering.

Surveying & Roads Engineer


Engineer Ali Jaffal

Bachelor Degree in Surveying Engineering.

Structural & Hydraulics Engineer


Engineer mariam Swaidan

Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering.

Agriculture Engineer


Engineer Suleiman Suleiman

Bachelor Degree in Agriculture Engineering.